Internship Program

The Corporate Internship Program is a service offered by Malaysia-U.S Chamber of Commerce. The program was created to meet the urgent need for highly skilled human capital in Malaysia by providing an inspirational corporate experience with a Malaysian-owned company in the US or an American corporation. MYUSCHAM, in collaboration with Education Malaysia Washington D.C, is in a unique position to engage with Malaysian professional, non-professionals, and students working and studying in the United States of America, and to craft human capital and talent management initiatives to discover these talents. Specifically, The Corporate Internship Program will assist in the placement of Malaysian students and American or International students alike with a Malaysian or American organization. In the long run, this program would greatly enhance friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of Malaysia and the United States, and subsequently produce generations of bright leaders.

The Corporate Internship Program is a year-round recruiting tool, where companies or organizations, will have an ongoing pipeline of future fulltime employees who are experienced and skilled with a creative and outward-looking mind. Secondly, it’s a human resources reality that most times than not, a new employee makes a solid impression in the interview, but then just doesn’t gel with the current team or the company’s way of doing things. For this very reason, hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime employee. The good news is that their wage requirements are modest, and they’re among the most highly motivated members of the workforce. In addition, an enthusiastic trainee will not only assist employers, but also provide a fresh perspective at their job sites.

According to the internship statistics provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) 2009 Experiential Education Survey, 67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered fulltime positions. Looking at internships from a solution-based perspective, it’s good news as well, because not only will it effectively manage the organization’s workflow to accomplish immediate objectives, but it also will help employers find new team members to help grow the business and accomplish future objectives. Consequently, Education Malaysia Washington D.C and MYUSCHAM are collaborating to meet the needs of both the employers and future job-seekers.

Hiring interns is great way to give back to the community. Through internship, students gain experience, confidence, develop knowledge and skills in their field of study, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities. Internships are a great tool for students to get the work experience they need to secure a job.  In addition, they will become “value-added” scholar with a degree and a solid professional experience in an international company or a creative, future entrepreneur.