International Hub

In an effort to promote Malaysia as an international hub of higher educational excellence, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Increase international student enrolment in HEIs in stages.
  • Intensify overseas promotional programs, either to a single country or via participation in expositions organized by various local and international agencies, as well as to widen the dissemination of information on HEIs through the MoHE and respective HEI websites.
  • Reinforce the existing MEPCs in Dubai, Beijing, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City so that they are better able to market Malaysia’s educational products. The need for the establishment of the new MPECs in other countries will be considered based on the outcome of market research. KPIs will be formulated for the purpose of monitoring MEPCs and the one-stop Edu-Malaysia center.
  • Encourage private HEIs to establish branch campuses or centers of education abroad and conduct various private sector. An appropriate mechanism will be established for this purpose. In addition, incentives will be considered for private HEIs who participate in international marketing and successfully recruit international students.
  • Establish forward-looking and innovative criteria and indicators for higher education branding under Edu-Malaysia.
  • Further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support services to enable Malaysia to become an international hub of higher educational excellence by:
  1. Ensuring that every HEI provides support services such as comfortable accommodation, and a safe and secure environment to attract outstanding international students. The target is to achieve an international student enrollment representing an overall average of 10 percent of the total enrolment in HEIs by 2020. HEIs will be permitted to admit more than the targeted average percentage based on the capacities and capabilities.
  2. Providing international students’ educational pathways to enroll in competitive courses in selected public HEIs. These students will not exceed 5 percent of the total enrolment and will be charged full tuition fees.
  3.  Conducting training and providing international exposure to HEI academic staff involved in managing international students admission so that they have the right attitude and skills to handle international student’s affairs.
  4.  Ensuring cooperation from all agencies and authorities in addressing and solving issues related to visas and related immigration matters in order to minimize negative perceptions that may arise.
  5.  Reinforcing the International Student Affairs Division of the MoHE through the appointment of officials specifically assigned to handle international students, particularly those from countries that send a large number of students.