Director’s Corner

Salam Pendidikan to all.

Firstly, I feel very honored and humbled to serve as the new Director of Education Malaysia Washington DC. Praise to Allah, the Ministry of Education and the Embassy of Malaysia for providing me this great opportunity, which I am incredibly grateful for.

As an academician, avid adventurer and student advisor, I am obliged to do my very best for the benefits of education between Malaysia and the United States.

Education Malaysia Washington DC (EMWDC) was formally known as Malaysian Student Department (MSD). EMWDC was established in 1974 as a Malaysian student affairs department in the United States. Since the establishment, EMWDC had served the best to fulfill diverse needs of Malaysian students in the USA: from welfare to talent gathering.

Comprised of 7 officers; 4 home based and 3 local staff, the aim of EMWDC is to promote:
• Internationalization of education
• Research, development and innovation
• Balanced excellence
• Students affairs, and
• Intelligence gathering

Located in the Malaysian Embassy Building, Washington DC, EMWDC is currently super active in promoting Malaysia as an international education hub, exploring collaborations between Malaysian—Unites States universities and school, enhancing study abroad programs in Malaysia, taking care of Malaysian students’ welfare and exploring opportunities for Malaysian students to study in the United States.

Therefore, I would humbly invite my fellow educators from Malaysia and the United States to connect and work closely together with EMWDC for educational benefits between these two countries. Together we can explore tons of educational opportunities between countries which will definitely benefit the future generation.

I can be contacted at the address below:

Embassy of Malaysia
3516 International Court NW
Washington DC 20008
United States of America

Office: +1202-572-9714
Fax: +1202-572-9784

Hope to get in touch with you soon……


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Amin Md Taff

Director of Education Malaysia WDC